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Our New Logo

New Look, Same Mission!

We are thrilled to announce that, in partnership with our network of chapters across the United States, LBFE debuts a new logo today, July 15th!

We’re the same LBFE you’ve always known, but we’ll look a little more modern! We remember and honor our history always, and our mission to relieve isolation and loneliness for adults aging without support from friends or family remains unchanged.

We’re excited to share our vibrant new look with you. And we believe this is another opportunity to encourage new and lasting friendships with older adults in Chicago. .

This video, made in partnership with LBFE’s network of U.S. chapters, introduces our new look!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly changing our logo?

A: As part of a national network, and an international federation, LBFE is launching a new logo that is easier to use and reflects modern trends. This is a new opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of loneliness on older adults and the importance of our work to provide friendship, support and community to adults aging without friends or family.

Q: What is the meaning of the new design?

A: The capsule treatment around the words “Friends of the Elderly” reinforces our core mission. The capital letters convey power and strength, reflecting the impact of our work. The new logo is also in keeping with modern trends. And the new logo will be more easily printed on stationery, publications, and promotional items.

Q: Does this change our work?

A: No, our mission remains the same—to end loneliness among adults aged 70 and over—as does our structure. We are an independent chapter that is part of a network (which allows us sometimes to save funds on mutual elements like a new logo). And, of course, your donations and volunteer service will always benefit older adults right here in the Chicago community.

Q: Does the national network mean my funds will go to other cities?

A: No. We are part of a network with a common mission, but each chapter is independent and raises its own funds and creates its own programs. Our work is uniquely suited to the needs of isolated older adults in Chicago. As always, your donations and volunteer service benefit men and women right here in the Chicago community.

Q: What about the rose?

A: The rose will no longer be part of our logo, but our work continues to embrace the philosophy behind the rose and our motto, flowers before bread, recognizing the importance of intangible things, like beauty and friendship, in our lives. As our motto reflects the importance of our work for more than 60 years, we have created a permanent rose mural on the front of our building.