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Parties & Celebrations

At the Holidays

Because our elders are alone, they have nowhere to go at the holidays — a time meant for togetherness. With the help of our volunteers and donors, we make sure every elder experiences a warm celebration with friends, whether at a LBFE party or at home. At the holidays, we:


  • Throw three family-style parties on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day both, complete with live music, dancing, and a traditional holiday meal shared over laughter and conversation.
  • Prepare home-delivered meals with all the trimmings on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our volunteers deliver these during friendly visits to our homebound elders.
  • Visit elders who are homebound or living in nursing homes. Volunteers bring conversation, laughter and goodies, like sweet treats and a colorful house plant, to celebrate the day.
  • Make sure each elder feels remembered with a gift chosen specially for them through our Holiday Gift Program every December.

Celebrating All Year-round

Year-round, we provide opportunities for elders to celebrate life surrounded by friends. And because of our volunteers, our elders are able to enjoy and connect at every LBFE party. Our elders enjoy the food and decor, but they love the conversation!

  • Our Family Reunions are monthly parties that bring together elders who live in the same region of the city, or “Families” as they’re called here at LBFE. Elders who meet at a Family Reunion may find that they live close enough to get together easily in their own neighborhood.
  • We’re big on birthdays! At our monthly Birthday Parties, all elders with a birthday that month celebrate with lunch, cake, fresh-cut flowers and a birthday gift.
  • Special themed celebrations. We’re always ready for a party! We celebrate Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the start of summer, Labor Day, and Halloween with festive luncheons that make the season memorable.