We alleviate isolation and loneliness among Chicago’s elders.

Friendship relieves loneliness. Through reliable connection and engaging programs, LBFE brings vital friendship into the lives of 1,000 Chicago men and women who are aging alone.

Visiting Programs

Parties & Celebrations

Summer Vacation Experiences

Social Clubs

We make a lifelong commitment of friendship to our elders.

When an elder becomes a participant of the LBFE family, they have a friend for life. The LBFE family becomes our elders’ family. For our elders, being connected to caring friends and essential programs and services, always at no cost, dramatically impacts the emotional landscape and quality of life.

In-home Visits

Like friends and family would, our volunteers lovingly visit homebound elders to share conversation and laughter.

Parties & Celebrations

Every month, we provide festive opportunities for elders to celebrate and enjoy surrounded by friends.

Vacation Experiences

Everyone deserves a refresher. In the summer, Chicago’s elders escape the city or relax during a staycation.

Social Clubs

Our monthly and weekly clubs, like Thursday morning Coffee Club, keep our elders connected and engaged.

Who are our elders?

We welcome women and men 70 and older, from every walk of life, who are aging without the support of family and friends. The average age of our elders is 82. Thirty-eight percent rely on a walker or wheelchair to get around. And just over half could not count on having more than two social interactions lasting longer than 30 minutes in a month without LBFE.

How we serve

All of our programs and services, always provided at no cost, are designed to remind Chicago’s older adults that they are not forgotten and not alone. Through our programs, participants are able to make lasting, meaningful friendships with each other, volunteers and staff. And through our social work services, men and women are supported and empowered in making important life decisions.

Bring friendship and connection into an elder’s life

Do you know of a homebound elder who never has visitors? Or do you see an elder in your neighborhood who’s always by themselves? If you know a Chicago elder aging alone, we need just a few pieces of information to reach out.

There are five other U.S. chapters of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.
Do you know a lonely, isolated elder in one of these cities?