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Holiday Help

At LBFE, there’s a reason to celebrate every day. But we make sure holidays are extra special. Because we know, otherwise, these days would pass like any other for our elders – quietly and alone. Every year, we throw three big family-style celebrations across the city on Thanksgiving Day, on Christmas Day, and for our spring Fête d’ Armand Marquiset.

Holiday Drivers

Bring an elder to a holiday celebration, and fill their day with friendship, laughter and treasured memories. First, get to know each other during the car ride. Then, celebrate alongside the elders you brought to the party. Enjoy conversation, connection, a great lunch, and live entertainment together. Finally, drop off elders back at home with fuller hearts. 5 hours

Pre-holiday Prep

Brighten Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter for our homebound elders and elders living in nursing homes. Help with a variety of tasks, including preparing meals and nursing home packages for delivery. 4 hours 

Set Up

Prepare a festive Thanksgiving or Fête celebration by arranging tables, decorations and place settings for nearly 150 elder guests. 3 hours

Thanksgiving Hospitality

Share in one of our three Thanksgiving Day celebrations! Greet elders, plate and serve food and beverages, bus tables, wash dishes, or help out in the kitchen. 6 hours

Holiday Cook

Help cook for 120 to 175 guests and orchestrate the timely serving of a three-course meal on Thanksgiving Day or for our spring Fête. 4 hours  

We also need help planning, preparing and packing the meals delivered to our homebound elders on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter mornings. 4 hours

Holiday In-home and Nursing Home Visitor

Some of the elders we serve aren’t able to join a holiday party – remind them they’re loved and not forgotten! Share a friendly visit and deliver holiday meals and other goodies to homebound elders on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter mornings. 4 hours

We also need help distributing volunteers’ routes for deliveries and visits on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter mornings at LBFE. 4 hours