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Holiday Gift Program

Through our Holiday Gift Program, over 1,000 elders will receive a powerful reminder that they’re loved and not forgotten – a holiday gift chosen especially for them, delivered by a friendly volunteer. Often, a present from LBFE is the only one an elder will receive during the holiday season.

This year, elders have selected a gift of their choice from a curated list of helpful, useful items:

  • Towel set
  • Small handheld vacuum
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Electric can opener
  • Food storage container set

Remind elders they’re loved and not alone

If you and a group of coworkers, friends or family would like to bring joy and cheer to an elder (or elders!), there are two ways to help.

Click the button above to fill out a simple Google form, and then…

  1. We’ll email you (from ubyvqnltvsg@YOSRPuvpntb.bet) the elder’s name and gift wish (or elders’ names and gift wishes)
  2. You shop in-person or online
  3. And bring/ship the gift to LBFE by December 13th

Click the button above to make a donation that will go toward fulfilling elders’ holiday gift wishes, and LBFE staff will do the shopping. The price range for each gift is $35-$50.

Thank you for bringing joy into the lives of our elders during this special season!