Reframing Aging


RRF Foundation for Aging invited LBFE to participate in its Reframing Aging Initiative (RAI) in Illinois, part of an effort to “improve the public’s understanding of what aging means and the many ways that older people contribute to our society.”

LBFE is pleased to support RAI, given our firsthand experience with the older adults we serve and because aging is a life process shared by us all, we’re more than ready to do our part to combat ageism.

LBFE’s contribution to RRF’s initiative was to create Reframing Aging: Anti-Ageism Communications Guide customized for the LBFE community, offers practical information about using communication to combat ageism by adopting new framing strategies to reshape thinking about aging and older people.

In particular, the full guide along with a one-page quick guide, explores ways to change current language and speech related to aging to embrace more positive perceptions. The LBFE community looks forward to contributing to a more supportive environment for today’s older adults–and for all of us as we age in the coming years.