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Summer Visitor description + application

The main goal of the Summer Visitor Program is to bring summer celebration and vacation experiences to elders who are unable to participate in our overnight, out-of-town vacation experiences. To make this happen, Summer Visitors will provide special in-home summer visits to isolated elders who are not part of the Summer Vacation Program. Summer Visitors will also have opportunities to engage with elders and other volunteers through participation in our Visiting Program, during monthly outings and celebrations, etc.

Supervisor: Summer Team Leader
Time commitment: Full-time beginning the end of May and continuing through August (10 to 12 weeks)

Skills required

  • Awareness of and sensitivity to elders’ needs
  • A personal value system, which emphasizes respect for the individual and a belief that friendship is essential in the lives of all people and especially isolated elders who are living alone
  • Able to effectively relate to others, along with the abilities to listen attentively and initiate conversation; you will use these skills with elders who have limited social contacts
  • Strong social skills, along with creativity
  • Strong ability to work in a team and independently to achieve team goals
  • Must also have valid U.S. or international driver’s license, car insurance and reliable four-door car

Major duties and responsibilities

  • Visiting elders where they live, in their homes or nursing homes
  • Planning and execution of the Summer Homebound Program
  • Preparation of and assistance with various activities, such as homebound celebrations and small group outings with elders and other volunteers
  • Constant interaction with our elders, from initiating conversation, listening to and sharing stories, and documenting personal histories
  • Collect gift ideas from each elder for LBFE’s personalized Holiday Gift Program
  • Participate in parties and luncheons, such as Family Reunions and Birthday Parties, including those held on Saturdays
  • Participate in Summer Visitor Program weekly meetings
  • Perform other duties as they arise


  • Excellent training and experience in the field of aging
  • Opportunities to meet and work with a diverse group of elders, as well as motivated and committed volunteers and staff
  • $600/month stipend prorated on start and end dates; $40/month cell phone stipend; mileage reimbursed
  • Business casual dress code